IDS Newsletter #4, April 2011

  Dear Readers, in the current issue of the newsletter we will focus the attention on dermoscopic features of seborrheic keratosis. A dedicated section and the case of the newsletter will discuss about the many faces that these benign lesions can show, being sometimes not easy to differentiate from malignant keratinocytic tumors and melanoma. I’d like also to give you

IDS Newsletter #3, November 2010

  Dear Readers, During the last general assembly of our society, held in Miami on February 2010, the election of the new IDS representatives took place. Our president, Peter Soyer, expressed his intention to resign from his role as president and the assembly agreed to give to myself the responsibility to continue his action. Iris Zalaudek was designated to be

IDS Newsletter #2, December 2009

  The second congress of the International Dermoscopy Society took successfully place in Barcelona from 12 to 14th November 2009. This issue of the IDS Newsletter is therefore dedicated to the congress highlights, but provides also a case quiz and an overlook on newly released dermoscopy books. Have a look at the official photos of the congress! In the name

IDS Newsletter #1, August 2009

  In this 2nd issue of the IDS Newletter we will focus on dermoscopy of amelanotic melanoma. This group of melanomas still represents a challenge for every clinician given the broad spectrum of possible differential diagnoses. In this context we like to make you aware of the recent publication by Dr. Scott W. Menzies, who conducted a study via the

IDS Newsletter #0, May 2008

  Welcome to the IDS Newsletter! In my role as president of the International Dermoscopy Society it is my responsibility and pleasure to write a few words about this inaugural newsletter. The idea was recently born by Iris Zalaudek and a small group of friends at the General Assembly of the Society in San Antonio during the AAD meeting in