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… a selection of contents from some of most important dermatology annual meetings around the world. The Dermatology Webinar Series is a new selection of webcast designed to help you in your clinical practice.

Online Certificate and Professional Diploma Courses in Dermoscopy

The HealthCert Certificate and Professional Diploma Program in Dermoscopy represents a blend of both terminologies, methods and experts in the world of Dermoscopy. The courses provide medical professionals with systematic approaches and substantiated knowledge for improving diagnostic accuracy and clinical management of skin lesions by using Dermoscopy.

Presented by leading professors, dermatologists and researchers in their respective fields, the comprehensive three-part program offers the complete package of skills to accurately diagnose a wide range of lesions on any part of the body and skin type. Participants will gain metaphoric and geometric understanding in the management of skin cancer and be able to use the knowledge framework provided to build their own method and experience.

Dermoscopic clues in the differential diagnosis of basal and squamous cell carcinoma – by Dr. Aimilios Lallas

Dermoscopic diagnosis of Actinic Keratosis and Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Dr. Malvehy


We present a course of dermoscopic diagnosis of actinic keratosis (AK) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) that reviews the new advances in diagnostic for these tumors. In the era of new non-surgical treatments for AK, multiple diagnostic techniques are implemented with the aim to improve the diagnostic accurancy of skin cancer. Web and courses now available in English, German, Italian, Spanish.

Dermoscopic clues in non-melanoma skin cancer to guide treatment by Dr. Jonathan Bowling

The main goal of this short course is to guide practitioners in the evaluation of non melanoma skin cancer, and in the identification of special clues to guide treatment.  Web and courses now available in English, German, Italian, Spanish.

Master of Science in Dermatoscopy and Preventive Dermato-Oncology of the Medical University of Graz

The Master of Science in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatolooncology is a 3 year postgraduate mostly distance learning course for physicians and nurses who wish to gain expertise in the theoretical and practical diagnosis and management of skin tumors. Its qualification is granted with the academic degree of Master of Science in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatolooncology (M.Sc. DermPrevOncol).

Within the 3 years master program, graduates will posses advanced knowledge in theoretical and practically applied topics related to skin cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment and will acquire high order skills in the professional application of dermoscopy.

The master program guides through 3 different education levels and is composed by 19 teaching modules.

The first education level “Basic Dermoscopy Course” (former International Dermoscopy Diploma), the 5-days courses (International Short Course of Dermoscopy), and the “Advanced Dermoscopy Course” of the second level can be also passed outside the curriculum and may be credited to the master-degree when the curriculum is picked up within 5 years.

The degree in Master of Science in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatooncology requires a master-thesis that may be completed within 6 semesters. Graduates who limit their studies before pursuing the master degree may be certified as Academic Expert in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatooncology after 4 semesters or may receive an International Dermoscopy Diploma after 3 semesters.

Short Course in Dermoscopy by the Department of Dermatology of Cardiff University

The Short Course in Dermoscopy is a 12 week distance-learning course for physicians who wish to gain more experience in dermoscopy. Applicants do not need any previous dermatology or dermoscopy qualifications but must be a practising physician seeing patients with lesions. At the end of the course students will receive a certificate of completion.

The authors of the course are internationally renowned experts in the dermoscopy field. The course accommodates beginners and will cover intermediate level using tried and tested dermatoscopic techniques. We recommend that students on the course own a dermatoscope but if you do not currently own one, we will be happy to give advice on sourcing equipment. Intakes: March and September each year

Assessment & Diagnosis (IMED7003) by the University of Queensland

This course covers the skin cancer consultation in primary care. The basis of this is targeted history taking and a thorough skin cancer examination. This will include on-line training in dermoscopy and expose students to modern imaging techniques (including digital photography) and interpretation of pathology reports.

Dermoscopy Made Simple