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A scientific meeting will be held at the AAD within the context of the Global Education Day

Thursday March 16 2023 Time: 2-6 pm
Rooms: 255/256/257




Chairs: Aimilios Lallas, Caterina Longo, John Paoli


  • Kelly Nelson: How do we learn dermoscopy?
  • Konstantinos Liopyris: Can we agree on anything we see?
  • Raimonds Karls: The new era of total body photography
  • Stefania Guida: High magnification dermoscopy: game changer in imaging?
  • Josep Malvehy: AI in dermatology practice. Today, not tomorrow




  • Emi Dika: SCC on the nail
  • Bengu Nisa Akay: Pigmented facial lesions on dark skin: does any algorithm work?
  • Ofer Reiter: Can we predict BCC subtype pre-operatively?
  • Cristian Navarrette Dechent: A new concept on management of lentigo maligna
  • Marco Spadafora: Let’s play


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