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Executive Board Members 2021-2024

The Executive Board of the International Dermoscopy Society is structured as following:

Aimilios Lallas


Caterina Longo

General Secretary

John Paoli

Administrative Co-Ordinator

Teresa Deinlein


Iris Zalaudek

Past President

Luc Thomas

Auditor 2

Giovanni Pellacani

Public Relations

Giuseppe Argenziano

Dermatology Practical and Conceptual Editor

Horacio Cabo

President of the next World Congress

Lidia Rudnicka

Representative of the Board (Europe 1)

Stephen Hayes

Representative of the Board (Europe 2)

David Swanson

Representative of the Board (North America)

Raul Cabrera

Representative of the Board (Central and South America)

Jie Liu

Representative of the Board (Asia)

Hoda Moneib

Representative of the Board (Africa):

Cliff Rosendahl

Representative of the Board (Australia)

Konstantinos Liopyris

Website & Media Committee Chair

Elvira Moscarella

Education Committee Chair

Raimonds Karls

Non-English activities Committee Chair

Wilhelm Stolz

Awards & Fellowships Committee Chair

Zoe Apalla

Scientific Program Committee Chair

Alon Scope

Studies Committee Chair

Claudio Conforti

Dermoscopedia Working Group Chair

Cristian Navarrette-Dechent

Annotations and Gaming Working Group Chair

Nisa Akay

Website & media Committee

Natalia Jaimes

Annotations and Gaming Working Group Chair

Gabriel Salerni

Non-English activities Committee

Ash Marghoob

Dermoscopy Curriculum Working Group Chair

Mike Marchetti

Education Committee

Cristina Carrera

Dermoscopy Curriculum Working Group Chair

Harald Kittler

Brainstorming Working Group Chair

Liam Caffrey

Tele-Imaging and DICOM Task Force Chair

Ahmed Sadek

Imaging in Cosmetics Task Force Chair

Enzo Errichetti

Imaging in Skin of Colour Task Force Chair

Allan Halpern

ISIC & AAD Liaison Officer

Josep Malvehy

EADO & EADV Liaison Officer

Gerald Gabler


Philipp Tschandl

AI Projects Liaison Officer