IDS Newsletter #0, May 2008

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Welcome to the IDS Newsletter!

In my role as president of the International Dermoscopy Society it is my responsibility and pleasure to write a few words about this inaugural newsletter. The idea was recently born by Iris Zalaudek and a small group of friends at the General Assembly of the Society in San Antonio during the AAD meeting in February. Iris has since been invited to realize this idea and to take charge as the first editor-in-chief of this quarterly publication.

The aim of the newsletter is to share news and data about the society and society-related activities with the members and other colleagues interested in the art and science of dermoscopy. In addition, each publication will present an interesting dermoscopic case of the quarter as well as abstracts of recent publications on the selected theme.

Remarkably, 33 publications on dermoscopy have already been published this year. Therefore, we thought that the IDS members would appreciate reading a few selected abstracts plus a commentary provided by an expert in the field.

It would be most certainly appreciated if you forward his newsletter to friends or colleagues all over theworld who are interested in the fascinating universe of  dermoscopy and invite them to join our Society.

Finally, please be good enough to let us know your comments and provide your feedback as this newsletter is intended to be a dynamic avenue for the International Dermoscopy Society.

In this spirit, I hope you find this first edition stimulating reading.

H. Peter Soyer, MD, FACD
President International Dermoscopy Society Chair | Dermatology Group The University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia