IDS Newsletter #10: October 2013

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Dear readers,

during the last Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, the Subspecialty meeting of the International Dermoscopy Society took place. This was a very interesting meeting, with an intense scientific agenda. The starting point was an update of the current literature in the field of dermoscopy. All the speakers presented their latest investigation, ranging from conceptual papers to morphologic studies in the field of skin cancer detection but also inflammoscopy, and then on new strategies for melanoma prevention. Dermoscopy of lentigo maligna was the topic of one of these talk, and will be the focus of the educational part of this newsletter.

I’m glad to announce you that Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, the official journal of the IDS, is now referenced on Pubmed. Professor Iris Zalaudek is the new Editor in Chief. The Editorial Board of the journal was officially in the latest issue. Please, visit the journal web page to read more and access the free online publication. You are all invited to actively contribute to the future content of the journal.

Finally, new study proposals were accepted by the board, don’t forget to visit our website to read more and actively participate to the studies. Looking forward to seeing you soon in one of the next meetings

With all my best regards

Elvira Moscarella