IDS Newsletter #5: November 2011

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Dear readers,

We are now back home after a very exciting meeting during the EADV congress in Lisbon. The IDS meeting took place on thursday 20 October, the day before the official starting of the congress. More than 150 people attended the meeting, in a full and crowded room. The meeting was mainly focused on a scientific agenda with several IDS members presenting their recent work. In this issue of the Newsletter you will find a brief summary of the presentations. Continuing with the educational purposes of the
newsletter, the current issue will focus on dermoscopic aspects of non-melanoma skin cancer, starting from basal cell carcinoma.

You will find a summary of old and new criteria to detect this very common neoplasm, that can be responsible of high morbidity, and that sometimes can enter differential diagnosis with other malignant tumors, particularly melanoma.

The case of the newsletter, selected from the IDS forum database, highlights common problems found in the daily clinical practice in confidently diagnosing this tumor.

As usual, the last section is dedicated to the following updates from the society:
1. Deadline for abstract submission for the Dermoscopy World Congress in Brisbane extended
2. IDS survey
3. Call for papers for Dermatology Practical & Conceptual
4. Joint meeting of IDS, ISDIS and ICWG in San Diego

Looking forward to seeing you soon at one of the next meetings
With all my best regards
Elvira Moscarella