IDS Newsletter #7: June 2012

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Dear readers,

we are now back from Brisbane, after a very exiting meeting of our Society. More than 700 participants attended the event, that was hosted by our colleges from the Queensland Institute of Dermatology, with prof

Peter Soyer as president of the Congress. The meeting had a very dense and interesting agenda, with a number of outstanding lectures about dermoscopy news and in the field of skin cancer care in general.

You will find the abstracts of the WDC in the current issue of Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, the official journal of the IDS In this issue of the Newsletter you find a letter from the president of our Society, dr Argenziano.

During the congress, the board assigned the research grant of the IDS for 2011 to Dr Zaballos, from Spain.

The grant has the intention of funding young (<40 years old) members

of the society for research projects in the field of dermoscopy, Next grants will be assigned every 3 years during each IDS conference.

In the next sections of the Newsletter you will find a brief CV of the winner, with a highlight on his work. Continuing with the educational purposes of the Newsletter, in this edition we will focus on the dermoscopy features of

dermatofibroma, that also represented one of research fields of dr Zaballos. Finally, the board also announced the next meeting of the Society, that will take place in Vienna in 2015, president of the congress will be dr Harald Kittler.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in one of the next meeting

With all my best regards

Elvira Moscarella