IDS update – October 2017

Dear Members and Friends,

With this information, we like to give you some updates regarding the activities of our society:

1. Executive Board meeting of the IDS
Below please find the minutes of the Executive Board meeting of the IDS in Geneva and get updated on the new and activities of our Society.


Besides dermoscopy – there are many other dermatological areas. Over 2000 users already visited sharing their knowledge and their expertise with colleagues and peers since 2002. Complying with the requirements of the growing number of users in the last years, in 2017 the website has been redesigned and improved its usability particularly for mobile devices.

Use to submit clinical and dermatopathologic cases of interest to the discussion forum, thus making them available for viewing and comment by all other members. Each thread will enhance knowledge and expertise in our online community. is aimed to facilitate the discussion of diagnostic procedures, diagnosis and therapy among dermatologists on a worldwide level. includes boards adressing different topics like: Psoriasis & Autoimmune Diseases, Acne & Rosacea, Urticaria & Allergic Disorders, Pregnancy & Dermatoses, Wounds & Ulcers, Tropical & Exotic Dermatoses and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Each thread will enhance knowledge and expertise in our online community. Come, register and see!


With our best wishes,

Iris Zalaudek, President of the IDS & Aimilios Lallas, Secretary of the IDS


Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday 13 September 2017

Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Meeting point: Hotel Cornavin, Boulevard James-Fazy 23, 1201, Geneva Time: 14.00-17.00

Present: Iris Zalaudek (IDS President), Aimilios Lallas (IDS Secretary), Giuseppe Argenziano, Philipp Tschandl, Harald Kittler, Wilhelm Stolz, Josep Malvehy, Susanna Puig, Peter Soyer, Ralph Braun, Horacio Cabo

1. Dermoscopedia
The Executive board discussed the so far progress of “dermoscopedia” and the future plans. Ralph Braun reported on the progress and thanked all contributors. Editors of chapters have the ownership of their chapters and can change their own personal site. Once per year Editors will be asked to update their chapters. Images might be submitted to dermoscopedia only or also to ISIC archive. Users can apply for changes on a chapter, but editors have to approve.

2. Dermatology Practical and Conceptual
The Executive board discussed the recent changes in the Editorial Board of DPC and future plans. Geppi Argenziano is the new DPC Editor-in-Chief and Aimilios Lallas the Deputy Editor. A new group of 14 Section Editors and approximately 75 Editorial Board members has been established. The first meeting of the new Editorial Board was about to take place the same afternoon. Geppi Argenziano presented the plans fort he near future: The main mission is to acquire an Impact Factor and for this purpose we need to improve the quality of papers and increase readership.

3. IDS task forces on development of guidelines on diagnosis and management of melanoma, BCC, SCC, MCC and nevi (including congenital).
Iris Zalaudek proposed the establishment of task force groups aiming to provide reviews/guidelines on diagnosis & management of specific tumors. The EB approved the proposal and the following task forces on the following topics were suggested: melanoma, nevi, BCC, SCC. The leaders and members of each task force will be decided by the President and the Secretary of the IDS.

4. World Congress 2018
Aimilios Lallas provided an update on the preparations of the World Congress. The numbers of registrations and abstract submissions so far are promising, but the fore coming period is crucial. The scientific program is almost completed, invitations to chairs and speakers will be sent very soon. All EB members and Board Members are kindly asked to promote the IDS World Congress

5. World Congress 2021
Aimilios Lallas reported that only one bid has been submitted so far for the IDS World Congress of 2021. The call for bids expires on 31st of December 2017.

6. IDS Scientific meeting, EB meeting and 3-Society meeting in AAD2018 (San Diego)
Aimilios Lallas informed about the date and time of IDS meetings during the AAD Annual Meeting in San Diego on February 2018: The IDS Scientific Meeting will take place on Thursday 15 Feb at 14.00, the 3-Society Meeting on Saturday 17 Feb at 17.00 and the Executive Board Meeting on Sunday 18 Feb at 12.00.

7. IDS ongoing studies
Iris Zalaudek and Aimilios Lallas reported on a low participation at the moment, although there is a good number of open studies. All EB members, Board members and IDS Members are invited to actively participate in the studies

8. Proposal on reforms of the statute of the IDS
Iris Zalaudek presented the specific proposal for the reform of the IDS Bylaws. The main changes include:

IDS President and Secretary will be elected every 3 years by votation of all IDS Memebers during World Congress. Specific eligibility criteria for candidates were analyzed.
IDS Board members from each country will be elected by all IDS Members from that country by an on-line votation. Specific eligibility criteria for candidates were analyzed. The first votation will take place the following months, so as that it will have been completed by April 2018. The total number of IDS Board Members is restricted to 100.
The newly elected President will form an Executive Board, which will remain the main administrative organ of the IDS. The Executive Board will necessarily contain 7 members from the elected IDS Board (with a geographic representation). The Executive Board Members agreed in full consensus with all the proposed changes.
9. IDS in the World Skin Health Day
After a proposal by Aimilios Lallas, the EB decided to participate in the ILDS (International League of Dermatologic Societies) World Skin Health Day. Susana Puig proposed to get a trending hashtag on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (e.g. #dermoscopysaveslives, #saveyourskin, #checkyourskin,…) on a single day or month. John Paoli will be in charge of this action.

10. IDS Research meeting
After a proposal by Harald Kittler, the EB decide to organize a meeting with the only content to plan future research projects of the IDS. The meeting will be held in Thessaloniki, the previous day of the opening World Congress (Wednesday 13 June). Aimilios Lallas will take care of booking the venue and Harald Kittler will take care of the agenda.