Update #11: September 2011

With this email we like to give you some updates concerning four activities of the IDS:

1. The IDS survey
2. The IDS sister society meeting in Lisbon
3. The IDS Research Award 2011

1. The IDS survey

Two months ago we launched a survey aimed to explore the attitudes of the IDS members in approaching patients with skin tumors and the way of using dermoscopy in their routine work. We like to thank the 900+ IDS members who have already completed the questionnaire, but we also like to push a little bit those members who have not joined still !;-)

The survey will take not more than 5 minutes to be completed! We would really be grateful if you decide to participate. With your participation you will definitely contribute to establish new guidelines for all clinicians interested in implementing dermoscopy in their clinical work.

2. The IDS sister society meeting in Lisbon

Please find below the program of a scientific session organized by the IDS during the upcoming EADV congress:

Sub-Specialty Society meeting at the 20th EADV Congress, Lisbon 2011

Society: International Dermoscopy Society

Venue: Lisbon Congress Centre (Congress venue)

Date: Thursday 20 October, 2011

Time: 13h00 – 16h00

Room: Auditorium III

Title of the session: Dermoscopy update

Chair: Giuseppe Argenziano & Giovanni Pellacani


1. Giuseppe Argenziano, Introduction

2. Andreas Blum, Mucosal lesions: results from a multicenter IDS study

3. Holger Haenssle, A new algorithm to monitor patients with multiple nevi

4. Harald Kittler, Criteria for pigmented and non-pigmented squamous cell carcinoma

5. Susana Puig, Systematic analyses of 10 years of digital follow up in high risk patients

6. Josep Malvehy, New insights in the White Shiny Streaks (Chrysalides)

7. Pietro Rubegni, Digital Dermoscopy analysis of palmo-plantar pigmented skin lesions

8. Iris Zalaudek, Nevus-associated melanoma

9. Maria Antonietta Pizzichetta, Negative Pigment Network

10. Elvira Moscarella, Melanoma screening in children, when to worry

11. Caterina Longo, When dermoscopy is not enough, indications for confocal microscopy

3. 3rd Call for the IDS Research Award 2011

The International Dermoscopy Society (IDS) launched a Research Award of 7000 € in recognition of advances and research in the field of dermoscopy and non-invasive diagnostic techniques to investigators and clinicians for excellent, innovative and continuous research in this field or closely associated discipline.

For general conditions for application, please see www.dermoscopy-ids.org.

Submissions due by October 30th, 2011 to Iris Zalaudek ( iris.zalaudek@gmail.com)


With all our best regards
Geppi Argenziano & Iris Zalaudek
for the IDS executive board members