Update #19: April 2014

Minutes of the IDS Executive Board Meeting
March 23, 2014, Hyatt Regency, Denver, Co
Participants: Giuseppe Argenziano, Elvira Moscarella, Alon Scope, Giovanni Pellacani, Susana Puig, Josep Malvehy, Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof, Peter Soyer, Scott Menzies, Wilhelm Stolz, Alan Halpern, Ash Marghoob, Horacio Cabo, Harold Rabinovitz, Harald Kittler, Ralph Braun, Margaret Oliviero.
1. IDS president
The board decided to elect for the next 2 years the same team now in charge of the IDS, namely: G. Argenziano as president of the IDS, I. Zalaudek as secretary general, and R. Hofmann-Wellenhof as treasurer.
2. New board members
The board agreed to accept 8 new board members chosen among the national coordinators of the Eurodermoscopy Study. The new board members will be the referral persons for their Countries. Here listed the new members and their nationality:
LORENTZEN HENRIK, Denmark, henrlore@rm.dk
ROGER SCHOPF Thomas, Norway, Thomas.Roger.Schopf@telemed.no
SCHROEDER FABIENNE, Luxembourg, fabienne.schroeder@chem.lu
PALLOURAS ANDREAS, Cyprus, pallouras@cytanet.com.cy
SCERRI LAWRENCE, Malta, lawrence.scerri@gov.mt
NEDELCIUC BORIS, Moldova, bnedelciuc@gmail.com
SERGEEV VASILY, Russia, vasesergeevu@gmail.com
Ahmed Sadek, Egypt, askdrsadek@gmail.com
Gery Gabler will be in contact with the new board members to ask for their portrait for publication on the IDS website.
The board also agreed that, for the future, new board members will be considered only if representative of countries not represented in the IDS board.
3. Treasurer report
The treasurer updated the executive board on the expenses and gains of the Society. The total amount owned by the Society is 90.000 euros. The income in 2013 was positive (+ 4871 euro).
4. Levels of sponsorship
One source of income of the Society is represented by Sponsors. There are basically 3 levels of sponsorship: 1. advertising on the home page of IDS website (5000 euros); 2. advertising in a second page (1000 euros), 3. advertising in the newsletter (500 euros). The Editor of the Newsletter recently received a request from Fotofinder to insert advertising in the Newsletter. The board agreed in accepting this request.
5. Awards 2015
The board agreed in funding an Award for the upcoming World Dermoscopy Congress in Vienna (7000 euros). Young clinicians (<40 years) can apply for the award by sending their CV to the Secretary and President of the Society.
Additionally, 10 travel grants (1000 euros each) will be provided for clinicians coming from developing countries. Of these grants, one will be called “Alfred Kopf award” and will be dedicated to an African physician.
The awards will be promoted through the mass mails that will be sent to all IDS members and through the websites of the IDS and the Vienna 2015 Conference.
6. Advertising the joint meeting
The joint meeting of the IDS, ICWG and IDIS was a big success in terms of participants and scientific outcome. However, the meeting seems to be limited to the members of the 3 Societies, and this mainly because of lack of advertising. In order to spread the information about the meeting to as many doctors as possible, the board agreed in asking to the 3 sponsors of the meeting to send an email with the meeting program to all their mailing lists. Moreover, Dr Rabinovitz proposed to advertise the meeting in the JAAD.
7. Bidding for the IDS world congress 2018
The president informed the board on a formal bidding for the IDS world congress 2018 received by the Hellenic Dermoscopy Society. The proposal is to host the next WDC in Thessaloniki, Greece. This is for the moment the only formal bidding received by the IDS. The board agreed in sending to all the board members of the Society a formal invitation to submit additional proposals for hosting the next congress. The deadline for sending the proposals will be the end of March 2015 in order to discuss and to assign hosting the next congress during an executive board meeting to be held during the IDS congress in Vienna.
8. Update on Dermatology Practical and Conceptual
Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, the official journal of the IDS, is now referenced on pubmed. Dr Scope updated the board on the status of the journal. The total number of papers submitted per year has increased considerably in the last years. In 2012 the total number of submissions was 37, 66 papers were submitted in 2013, and 20 papers have been already submitted in 2014.
Dr Scope, reporting also the wish of Prof Zalaudek, editor in chief of the Journal, proposed to publish an official report of the Joint meeting in one of the next issues of DPC. The speakers will be asked to send to the journal an abstract (250-1000 words) and figures of their presentation/poster for publication.
9. New study proposals
One of the missions of the IDS is to promote research in the field of dermoscopy. The board agreed to propose new studies and to welcome new proposals from members and board members of the IDS that can be submitted to g.argenziano@gmail.com.
A new study (coordinated by Dr. Caterina Longo, longo.caterina@gmail.com) has been recently launched on nail melanoma to evaluate whether the size of nail band and its color is related to melanoma diagnosis. For further information and study contribution, please see http://www.dermoscopy-ids.org/index.php/studies.
With all our best wishes,
Giuseppe Argenziano & Iris Zalaudek