Need reassurance – or redirection

A case posted to the IDS forum age: 70 years, sex: m, location: acral Clinical history: Gent seen a month ago and I’ve been pondering since. Am confident there is hemorrhage – no h/o trauma or tight shoes. Clipped “black” residue off free nail edge – hemoccult negative x 3. MicroHutchinson’s negative. What concerns me is that I can’t be

Collision or all one lesion?

A case posted to the IDS forum by Baker Ron age: 86 years, sex: m, location: head and neck Clinical history: Patient with no prior skin cancers, aware of brownish area R tip of nose 9-12 months, lateral aspect has bled recently. I have sent him to a plastic surgeon, advising he needs to biopsy both the lateral aspect of

Update #22: January 2015

First of all Happy New Year! With this email, we like to remind you to save the dates for the next 2 upcoming meetings of our society: 1. The annual joint meeting of the IDS/ISDIS/ICG will take place during the 73rd AAD Congress in San Francisco on March 21st, 2015; 17:30-18:25 at the Nob Hill ABC, Mariott Marquis San Francisco.