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We are proud to introduce Dermoscopedia
at www.dermoscopedia.org !!

The goal of this website is to empower and engage people around the world to use and promote dermoscopy.
Dermoscopedia provides state of the art knowledge and information concerning dermoscopy
and has been written by the world’s experts in this field in collaboration with the IDS.

We invite you all to take a few minutes to browse the site.
We will soon be back with more news and info on how you can contribute to make this site even more incredible. Enjoy!

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With representation to 150+ Countries the IDS is one of the thrivest and engaged communities today! Click here to join our forum!


Our organization conducts a world congress every 3 years and sister society meetings every year during the AAD congress in US and the EADV congress in Europe.
The IDS was founded in 2003 by H. Peter Soyer, Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof and Giuseppe Argenziano to promote clinical research in dermoscopy and to represent a clinically oriented international organization with a thrust towards helping and improving education in dermoscopy.
We welcome your participation in the International Dermoscopy Society!

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Our membership is worldwide and currently more than 150 countries are represented.

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Dermoscopy Atlas

An educational web site on dermoscopy where physicians dealing with skin tumors may learn how to improve early diagnosis of melanoma using dermoscopy. click here


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The official journal of the IDS.

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