Update #13: March 2012

With this email we like to inform you about the recent activities of our Society, which are now available on-line at our website.

1. Minutes of the IDS
You can find the minutes of the IDS executive board meetingheld in San Diego on March 17, 2012 at:www.dermoscopy-ids.org/index.php/meetings

2. Derm101
As you know, Dermatology Practical & Conceptual(www.derm101.com/newDPC) became our official organ since a few months. Harald Kittler (chief editor) and Alon Scope (dermoscopy section editor) planned to give to dermoscopy papers high consideration and visibility, but we also need to do our part. Thus, we strongly encourage you to submit articles and to be available for peer reviews. If each of us will contribute a little to promote the journal, we will have great chances to be soon referenced in Pubmed and to get impact points.

3. Call for participation
We like to make you aware of the call for participation in the IDS collision tumor study. You will find all the requirements at: www.dermoscopy-ids.org/index.php/studies.

4. The latest newsletter
Please find the latest newsletter of the IDS atwww.dermoscopy-ids.org.

With all our best regards
Geppi Argenziano & Iris Zalaudek
for the IDS executive board members