Update #9: April 2011

With this update we like to bring your attention to several important new activities of the IDS:

1. Harald Kittler, one of our executive board members, became editor-in-chief of Dermatology Practical and Conceptual, the new official organ of the IDS. This is a free access, on-line peer-reviewed publication, which will have a section on Dermoscopy (section editor, Alon Scope). The first issue of the journal is due next October, and the editors asked us to spread the voice of a call for papers in the field of dermoscopy.

2. Due to the connection between Dermatology Practical and Conceptual and the Derm101 website, a free access to this huge dermatologic resource will be offered to all IDS members for 1 year. Your email address will be passed to the editorial office of Derm101 in order to send you a password to get into the restricted area. Of course, your email will not be used for any commercial purposes, but please click on the link below within 3 weeks if you do not like your email to be shared with the Derm101 editorial office.

3. We are proud to announce a call for an award of 7000 Euro in recognition of advances and research in the field of dermoscopy. Please go to www.dermoscopy-ids.org to find out the details concerning the call.

4. The UDA project is one of the active studies of the IDS and many of you are participating in the case evaluation. If you are interested to join the study, this is still possible through the study section of the IDS website.

5. Last but not least, the April 2011 Newsletter of the IDS has been just published.

With all our best wishes

Geppi Argenziano & Iris Zalaudek